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Pick-Up Planning

Pick-Up Planning

Keep Our Community Safe

We need your help!  Our dream is for students to arrive at school safe and sound and that each family member begins the day with optimism and a sense of confidence.  That is at risk if drivers are rushing and creating unsafe conditions in our parking lot.


  • park and leave your car in the drive through lane
  • allow your children to exit/enter your car across a lane of traffic
  • stop at the yellow line (NO PARKING ZONE) as you enter the parking lot to drop off or pick up your child


  • drive to 5 - and walk the rest of the way; many children grades 2 and up can safely use the cross walk independently
  • consider parking NORTH of the traffic lights on Lochside, use the crosswalk, and then return to your car
  • allow extra time in the morning so you are not pressured and in a rush; consider arriving by 8:25 in the morning
  • stay with your car at all times when in the drive-through and drop-off lanes - kids should be ready with their backpacks to say a quick good-bye
  • pull forward as far as you can - don't simply stop at the front entrance doors